Saving time and a happy work environment can be achieved by with a well-organized office space. Going through huge stacks of papers, overflowing drawers, intertwined wires and boxes full of stuff lying around, may sound like a generic office space, but it’s a real mental stress and also a physical one when the time spent for hunting things that should be easily accessible is taken into account.

Disorganized files and folders in your computer cause the same amount of confusion and deteriorate your productive time. Clutter is a huge harbinger of stress whether you consciously realize it or not.

Here are a few ways to organize your physical and electronic workspaces:

Getting a board for your desk is the ultimate guide to keeping track of deliverables and deadlines. Pin up the flow of any new process you are adapting till the time it becomes a habit, then unpin it.

Vertical Bookcases and Office Almirahs are the best alternatives when you run out of desktop/floor space. They make efficient use of vertical space and having stuff at eye level helps in figuring things out easier.

Receipts and bills are very easy to misplace. Make use of mobile apps where you can document them all by just clicking a picture or use advanced apps that sync up all your receipts with your online accounting system.

Putting all the things you need for an activity in one place, say a Three Drawer Filing Cabinet will avoid the time wasted assembling them, especially when the activity is a repetitive one.

Eliminate paper to-do lists and an email trail of instruction when all of this can be made simple using software. It will also help you keep a track of the productivity.

Important documents can get easily misplaced and hence should be filed immediately. Using a File Wire Stand which can be attached near your desk gives you easy access to papers you need to refer on a daily basis. Scan, shred and save it on your machine in a methodical manner when a physically copy is not needed. Recycle all paper.

Use cable ties and cord covers to organize the cluttered wires stashed behind your desk. Label the ones you might need to detach frequently to avoid confusion and mishaps.

Make a folder for all important documents. Using Hanging File Jackets along with Polypropylene File Folders is an inexpensive way to organize and keep those critical papers safe at the same time. Label all the folders so only the ones required can be pulled out when needed.

Assign a day of your week, preferably at the end of the week to reorganize your workspace and put in place the stuff you hurriedly got out to complete a deadline, but never ended up stashing it back where it should be.

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