Have you ever considered how much space is being used just for storage? With costs skyrocketing for every square foot of space, you are probably using a lot more area which would be better suited for other essential tasks. What is wrong with your existing shelves is that there is a lot of extra space being used just because of the aisles in between. There is not someone in every aisle at any given time, and all the corridors just aren’t needed.
High-density mobile shelving (HDMS) is an unconventional, but simple concept that focuses on condensing your storage into less space while improving accessibility at the same time. It can do all of this with the turn of a handle, which make the aisles compact together when not in use— offering you the same amount of storage as traditional shelves in about 50% less space.
Also known as MOBILE COMPACTORS, new or existing shelves are placed on mobile carriages which are attached to floor tracks. This allows the racks to compact together, removing all but one or two access aisles depending on the requirement or the activity level. When you need to access a specific aisle, (which can be clearly labeled) simply turn the handle and move up to six corridors at once. It’s a fast, easy, and a surprisingly simple solution that saves a ton of space with a little investment and a few installations. These shelves can either reduce your storage footprint by half or double your capacity in the same amount of space as compared to all other traditional storage options.


  • Reduce your storage space by half or double your storage in the same footprint as fixed shelves.
  • Mobile compactors can store anything from paperwork to pharmaceutical products.
  • Compactors can be relocated easily and modified to add new shelves.
  • Allows you to bring items stored offsite back onsite where they are used.
  • Significantly reduces energy operating costs to cool, heat, light and maintain your space.
  • Allows you to centralize your storage in one place and improve the flow of materials, making it easier and faster for employees to retrieve and store goods and records.

Mobile Compactors are widely used in Pharmaceutical companies, Corporate Offices, Government Organizations, Education Institutions and any business that have high storage needs.

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